Deal A Day Script

Deal A Day Script


Deal a Day script is the online store that focuses in selling only one product and 2 or 4 side product, selling stuff at prices below retail by getting items directly from the source or wholesaler and cutting out the middleman. This is the cheap market with displaying single item per day. This kind of website focuses in selling low-priced and cool products, a new product is released every morning seven days a week. If a product sells out during its run, a new item will not appear until the next release time. The main page says "SOLD OUT" if stock of that item is sold out. If someone misses yesterday’s product s/he can not buy it today.

1. Today’s Product

In this section product for today is shown with its picture, price and details. To buy products users should log in first and if they are new they should register first. The availability of products is also shown by the indicator. If the products sells out then the main page in which product is shown says "SOLD OUT".

2. The Blog

Blog for Deal A Day script provides the detail information on particular product. The ability to creates more interest to buy the products in the website. Here, you'll find daily items along with articles.

3. The Community

The community section features public forums. Everyone is encouraged to post their comments about each of items. "News" will carry announcements of new developments within the company, links to media pieces. People can ask the queries and clear their doubt or remark on the suspicion.

4. My account

By registering the site users can make account. They need account to buy product and to use the community. Users will need to supply a valid email address, a password of their choice, and a unique community nickname by which users will be known. Then click on the buy button and user’s account is ready for buying products and using the community. If users plan to buy, they can add their shipping info to their account. They can also add or change it later by clicking on "My Account." Only one account per email address is allowed.

5. Write Us

It includes the contact information of the company such as phone numbers, email address etc. There is the contact form to fill out with information like name, email, phone and message.

6. E-mail Notification

You'll receive instant e-mail notification when an order has been complete. Customize the content of the e-mail to contain just the information you need about the order. You can print the e-mail for bill.

7. Sales Reports

Monitor sales activity using detailed sales reporting tools. Generate sales summary, sales detail and product sales reports.

8. Order tracking for customer

The status of your customer orders and the details of the shipments are notified through the email as soon as the order status changes.

9. Order History

Your customer can check their Order History with just login to your site.

10. Sales by customer report

We can see which customer is buying how much at one go and are coming back to the site again and again to by through our sites. Thus telling our client which customer id should be treated as prime customer.

11. Payment

Secure credit card payment method. Supports online payments via any web payment system e.g. like pay pal etc.

Content Management Systems

1. Built-in HTML editor

What you see is what you get HTML editor creates and edits your documents just like you were writing a document in a word-processor. Add tables, images and formatted text without any knowledge of HTML. The editor also performs hyper linking, inserting images, document lists, embedded pages, file uploading, multimedia and more.

2. Define/ Create Users

Admin can define users with different degree of Privileges User Activate and Deactivate: The Admin user can activate or deactivate any of the products/user to his or her requirements. The overall site administrator can define user permissions for different areas of the site, and nominate different levels of permission for different people who will be editing the site. This helps maintain site security.

3. Separate Content, Structure and Design Management

Website content (information), system structure (programming code), Design (website layout) managed separately.

4. Add/Edit/Remove

  • Add, edit and delete products, customers, blogs.
  • Add deals of current date and future date using product database.

Systems Requirements

  • PHP 5.0 (or Higher)
  • mysql 5 (or Higher)
  • Ioncube Loader

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Response to questions were outstanding and prompt. Everything worked great and as promised. I would definitely recommend this provider and would freely provide as a reference for any future work with this provider.
Curtis Cecil(
Reputinfosystems's team not only delivered as promised but faster then that. I would not only do business with him again but also higly recommend Ankur and his staff for your project management needs.
Ankur and the team at ReputeInfoSystems were very professional and the work was top notch. We will not hesitate to use them again in the future.
Robert Jones(
I can highly recommend Ankur and the team he leads at Reupte, as one of the most professional, best web development companies out there. From Start (and even before) until finish, Ankur was there with daily updates on the progress of this job, with a stea
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